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Our investment process begins with an analysis of your needs and goals. A profile is developed that highlights your investment objectives as the foundation for a long-range investment strategy.

We provide access to insights from our experts and advice that is understandable, transparent, relevant, and actionable. 

We will assist you in weighting of various asset categories as well as diversification of holdings to reduce risk and increase the s
ecurity of your portfolio based on your risk profile. Ones established, we will work together with you to define a tailored investment plan.

Through a careful evaluation and due diligence process that screens a broad array of global investment opportunities, Cruz Capital Management LP manages portfolios with an investment objective centered on achieving long-term capital appreciation while limiting liquidity and volatility risk.

We believe in partnering with you and getting to know you so we can work together on your terms. 


Responsible Investing and Impact Investing fundamentally changed the way of thinking in the investment industry.

We believe responsible investing helps to pinpoint risk, and may improve returns over the longer term.

For us, responsible investing is about making sure we take environmental, social and governance factors into account.


We concentrate on actively managing and trading client portfolios through a wide range of asset classes, investment styles and strategies, sectors, geographic regions and other investment companies or vehicles in order to achieve the investment objectives. 

Your portfolio will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that it remains on track to achieve the investment goals and objectives.

Highly disciplined proactive risk management and risk budgeting are essential to our entire investment process. Dedicated risk managers interact with the Portfolio Management team to analyze each trade before it is implemented.

In addition to calculating and tracking traditional industry-wide measures of portfolio risk and risk efficiency, the nature of our investments and frequency of underlying performance updates dictate a customized risk management approach.

This includes setting a risk budget, measuring its utilization and stress testing portfolios. Our risk management process gives our team greater insight into the sources of portfolio risk, helping us to identify the risk-based factors that ultimately drive performance based on our market view.
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